Does my horse really need a blanket?

blanket horse

Does my horse really need a blanket? Every winter the tiresome question of cover the horse with a blanket comes up. Many stable colleagues cover, because everyone does it, so it has to be right, right? One thing is for sure, a clipped horse should be covered. . What temperatures can horses actually withstand? But […]

How do horses tolerate the heat?


A few facts to start with It’s summer and the temperatures are slowly getting higher. While many of us go to the lake or to air-conditioned rooms to withstand these temperatures, the horses stand in the heat in the hot stables. But how do you deal with the heat? Do they feel the temperatures the […]

12 ingenious life hacks for riders and horses

We went in search of the best life hacks around the stable for you and tested them especially for you. All cleaning hacks Baby wipes as an all-rounder Baby wipes can be used for so many things. Either to clean the nostrils, mouth or tail or to briefly brush over the leather if there is […]

Coconut Oil – 5 ingenious tips to use on your horse

coconut oil

Almost everyone knows it by now, has seen it or heard of it. We’re talking about coconut oil. It is finding its way into more and more stables and many horse owners swear by it. But what can it do? 1.First aid for insect bites Coconut oil contains vitamins C and E, as well as […]

The development of the Erectly Shirt + 5 exciting facts


The problem with the upright posture Do you know the problem? You sit on the horse and notice again and again how your shoulders fall forward. Unfortunately, even during the riding lesson, when your riding instructor tells you to sit up more, it doesn’t last very long. After a few laps you start to collapse […]

Proper walking with the horse – tips and exercises

go for a walk

Introduction A relaxed walk with the horse, enjoying togetherness and still training it at the same time. Is this possible? Yes of course. We will show you many different exercises that train your horse and help you get used to going for a walk.Horses are flight and herd animals, which means leaving the barn alone, […]

Sustainability in everyday horse life


The topic of sustainability and environmental protection is an important topic nowadays. Only if we treat our environment responsibly we have the chance to protect it.The problem, however, is that we live in a consumer society where there is much in abundance. Many products are made of plastic or are packed with a lot of […]