12 ingenious life hacks for riders and horses

We went in search of the best life hacks around the stable for you and tested them especially for you.

All cleaning hacks

Baby wipes as an all-rounder

Baby wipes can be used for so many things. Either to clean the nostrils, mouth or tail or to briefly brush over the leather if there is no proper leather care at hand.

Life Hack Baby Towel

Nylon tights make matt boots shine

Old nylon tights help to bring the matt leather of the boots back to shine. After cleaning, simply polish the boot with the tights in circular movements.

Life hack tights
life hack boots

Clean bits in no time with apple cider vinegar and baking powder

Use a bucket for this and put all the dirty bits in it. Now just add vinegar and baking soda on top, leave on for a few minutes, then rinse off with water.
It is best to only use it with bits made of metal.

A toothbrush for the small cracks

Do you know that feeling when you can’t get into the cracks when cleaning the saddle or other leather parts or where the seams are just not clean? A toothbrush is your best helper here. Because of the bristles you can go anywhere.

life hack toothbrush

All horse hacks

Deodorant roller instead of spray against flies

Some horses don’t like the sound of the pump sprays and instead of being sprayed against the flies, they tear themselves away. Instead of a spray, simply use an empty deodorant roller that you clean and then fill with fly spray. Now you can ride the roller over your horse anywhere without it being afraid.

life hack roll-on deodorant

A halter made from a rope

If you don’t have a halter at hand, for example because your horse lost it in the paddock and you noticed it too late, a rope will also help for the quick one. This becomes a short halter replacement in no time at all.

Place the rope end with the clasp over the nape of the neck, then let it fall over the nose in a wide arc.
Caution! Be careful of the eye, so rather loose than too tight.

Turn both knitting ends once or twice.

Just hook in the panic hook or carabiner on the right side.

And this is what the finished result looks like.

Applesauce against worm cure phobia

Not every horse likes to be given the wormer, somehow understandable, because the taste can’t be particularly good. In order for the horse to associate a delicious taste with the wormer in the future, you need either an empty and clean wormer or a 20ml syringe. You can now fill this with unsweetened applesauce, for example, and give it to your horse again and again. It will quickly notice that it tastes delicious and will love the wormer treatment in the future.

life hack wormer

Preoccupation with hanging delicacies

If your horse gets bored quickly, you can tie carrots and apples (preferably with a hole in the middle) to a piece of straw and hang it in your horse’s stall. So it’s busy fishing out the carrots for a while.

Car tires provide support for buckets of water

Does your horse like to throw the buckets of water over? Then all you need is an old car tire in which you can place the bucket of water. Now your horse can no longer spill water.

Let’s stay with the bucket of water:

Apple cider vinegar against mosquitoes and algae
A little apple cider vinegar in the water helps against algae formation and mosquitoes in the water bucket.

SOS pendant for emergencies

It can go well 100 times and the 101 times it doesn’t go well anymore. No matter how good your horse is, something can always happen. For this reason, clip the SOS tag to your bridle or saddle. If you then fall off the field and your horse runs away, it’s immediately clear who it belongs to. The same applies if it breaks out of the paddock. (available here: SOS pendant )

Howana sos

And one last of the life hacks for the rider:

Freezer compartment for a cold refreshment

In summer, the drink you bring with you in the bottle warms up relatively quickly and no longer tastes good. It can help if you fill a bottle halfway with what you drink (water, apple cider, etc.). Then put it in the freezer until it’s frozen. Now just fill up the other half of the bottle so that it is now half frozen and half liquid drink.
As long as you’re in the barn, the frozen part will slowly thaw, but will keep your drink cool all the time.

We wish you a lot of fun trying out the life hacks and hope you found something useful.